Increase your earnings by investing in the POS.

Increase your earnings by investing in the POS.
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One thing is the image of your brand or the products you sell, but another thing is your point of sale and the experience you offer your customers when they visit it.

As we told you in our article "Keys to achieve perfect execution within the POS", increasing sales, reducing losses and maintaining control within the point of sale can be an overwhelming task, but it is of vital importance if what is desired is to succeed.

The last section of the marketing chain is the point of sale, it is the place where our target audience goes and where they make or specify the purchase decision. For this reason, investing in our POS and focusing our efforts on achieving the perfect store is of the utmost importance for our brand; Here both trade marketers and shopper marketers play an important role. The latter are dedicated to studying and influencing the decisions of buyers in the place where the sale takes place. In accordance with the information provided by the most recent lines of research, the types of buyers, the purpose of the purchase, the different classes of products and the value of the expense that was made must be taken into account to adapt our POS in a that the results are increasingly favorable and purchases increase.

To achieve a point of sale that meets all the expectations and demands of buyers and that in turn provides them exactly what they are looking for at all times, structural aspects must be taken into account within the POS that facilitate the purchase decision. Here the planograms (distribution of products in shelves that you can manage through QuartzSales), the experiences and stimuli offered within the POS, customer service, payment methods and everything that makes the visit a pleasant moment play a very important role. and pleasant.

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How to increase my sales within the POS?

By investing in the point of sale you will be able to induce the purchase and obtain greater and better results. Let's see what aspects you should take care of within your POS:

  1. Shop. Your point of sale must have an adequate distribution (clean and orderly spaces) in order to provide a feeling of comfort and a pleasant experience for the shopper. The more they enjoy being in your store, the more they will buy.
  2. Shelves. The design and management of planograms is essential at the point of sale; Correct placement helps improve the shopping experience and the profitability of POS spaces. Always remembering that the shopper's preferences must be taken into account when making the distribution.
  3. Spaces for interaction. The shopper wants to see, touch and feel what he is going to buy before making a final decision. This is where free samples or demo products come into play, it is extremely important to allow them to live that experience and give them the opportunity to get to know in depth what is offered to them in order to induce them to purchase. Having a trained sales team (promoters) will help you; With QuartzSales you can constantly train your sales team to ensure that product information reaches the shopper expressly and appropriately.
  4. Promotions and POP material. These elements should always be present at your point of sale. According to different studies, 66% of consumers feel attracted to offers and promotions. Here, creativity plays a fundamental role and it is the responsibility of the commercial team to create strategies that motivate the shopper.
  5. Always communicate prices clearly. This factor is key to the purchase decision. The price must always be visible, well communicated and aligned with the strategy of the store and supplier, in order to be optimally transmitted to the shopper and avoid delays in the purchase process.
  6. Commercial team. The work of your commercial team, promoters, sellers, etc. It is very important to achieve the perfect store. Dedicated attention will make a difference.

Finding the perfect store is a challenge; It is not impossible, we just have to be consistent and take care of every detail that plays a determining role in the retail industry. By introducing tools that help you expedite each and every one of these processes, you will achieve it quickly and in an organized manner. For this reason, we invite you to discover QuartzSales, visit our website and schedule your demo so that you can discover how it can help you reach the perfect store.

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