Three tips that will guarantee a good disposition of products in your store.

Three tips that will guarantee a good disposition of products in your store.
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Regardless of how much physical space you have or what type of product you sell, the overall flow, feel of the space, and consumer behavior should be thought through before you unbox your first product and put it on display.

Today, we tell you about the three basic rules that you must follow when placing your products on the shelf, if you want to make an impact on your customers and increase your sales.

Be creative

One of the best ways to generate interest within the store is to play with unexpected color palettes. Thus, we stimulate the senses of our customers. These pops of color provided by the mix of different product packaging need to be balanced to ensure the overall look is not overwhelming, but still packs a punch.

Try it now! Look for colors in the same family and don't be afraid to mix warm and cold tones. Group elements until you are satisfied with the result. Pulling colors out of a pattern or piece of art is a great design trick that is sure to grab the attention of your clients.

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Make it easy

One rule that we must not ignore is: always make things easy for customers. Whether in clothing stores, department stores, or as part of a supermarket aisle, items on display should be within easy reach to ease shopping.

Use the hardest to reach area or top shelves and build a display, decorate and make it eye-catching. Fill the rest of the shelves with products within easy reach to encourage purchase. Thus, the highest part will serve as an attraction and the most accessible to reach will be the one that contains the products to buy.

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Space depth is key

Product displays need depth. In other words, we must show that we have a great variety and this cannot be achieved on reduced shelves.

In clothing stores, for example, opt for deep wall shelves and larger tables that allow you to layer items, play with height, and hang art to create visual interest. One of the factors that will undoubtedly boost your sales is the sensations you produce in your visitors. A happy customer, who feels good in your store, will return without hesitation.

There are thousands of deeper things to take into account when organizing the POS, however, these three tips are the basis that will help you have a better view of your store.

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