The retail industry in social media.

The retail industry in social media.
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Social media marketing is one of the best ways to grow a retail business faster and at a lower cost.

Social networks are here to stay and although they were born as a means to communicate and get closer, they have evolved to become an advertising channel where different companies have a strong presence. In the retail industry they are essential to consolidate the brand and continue to grow. The fact of not appearing on these networks is a significant disadvantage compared to other competitors and they are essential to determine the brand's sales and visibility strategies, since they enhance customer acquisition and loyalty and increase sales.

According to a study published by the company Collective Bias, which is dedicated to measuring branding on social networks, it determined that Facebook users who interacted with the brand 10 or more times consumed 95% more than the consumer who did not connect with the brand by this social network.

Today we will give you some tips so that you can boost your brand in the different social media.

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  • More quality, less quantity. It is a reality that in social networks we must be constant and always present, but not just anything can be published. For the user, the quality of your content is worth more than the quantity. Post often but if you don't have anything important to share, it's best not to. The content you share must be of quality, contribute something to the user and have an attractive design that encourages interaction with it.
  • Make it easy for the user to understand. The content you share on social media should be easy to understand. Long texts and complex posts will only make the audience lose interest in what you are sharing and most likely in your brand.
  • Use emotional content. Have you ever wondered why there are so many videos of animals or babies on social networks? It is proven that it attracts more users and is easier to viralize. We all like this type of content and even the big brands use it.
  • Audiovisual content works better than text. Currently, videos have become essential in social networks, this happens because a video is much more attractive than a static post, people prefer to receive information in a practical and fast way rather than having to read it, and it also offers a better experience in general since it stimulates the senses and manages to position our brand in the user's mind.
  • Use contests or giveaways. This is a very good way to reach more people and make ourselves known.
  • Frequently interact with your community through call-to-action (CTA). The CTA is nothing more than a request that we make to our audience in order to achieve sales or make ourselves known. A very clear example is saying phrases like "leave us your opinion in the comments" or "enjoy our promotion and buy now".
  • Create content that the community can use. Here we are talking about the famous "value content". This is user-friendly content that you can download, save, or use at your convenience. This can be templates, tips, guides, etc.

Although social networks are a very powerful branding tool, it should not be our entire strategy, that is, a strategy should consider all aspects of our business such as managing the sales force, taking care of the POS, locating products in the shelf, maintenance of POP material inside the POS, etc. You can manage all of this through a single platform, QuartzSales, which adjusts to your needs and those of your business, offering you different modules that will help you increase your productivity and sales. Learn more about QuartzSales by visiting our website

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