Smart retail: What is it and what's its contribution to the industry?

Smart retail: What is it and what's its contribution to the industry?

The experience that the shopper obtains when entering a point of sale is decisive for the achievement of our commercial objectives. Technological innovations at the point of sale such as digital signs, smart changing rooms, virtual reality mirrors and the Internet of Things (IoT) itself can be used to offer personalized customer service.

Within the retail industry there are thousands of techniques or strategies to offer the shopper the best experience within the POS and guarantee their loyalty to the brand; They have evolved along with technology within the industry and currently, only our imagination is the limit in terms of what we can offer the customer to enhance their senses and make the purchase decision every time faster and more frequently.

Today, we'll tell you about "smart retail" and how it is revolutionizing retail.

Smart Retail

Smart retail seeks to offer a personalized treatment to each customer with whom they feel most valued and satisfied through the use of technological innovations at the physical point of sale, thereby enhancing their shopping experience. Smart fitting rooms or virtual reality mirrors in which the user can play with sizes and colors are two clear examples of this type of practice.

Today, retailers must take advantage of technology for their own benefit; predict the behavior of your customers, improve efficiency or increase sales. In this sense, omnichannel is a vital aspect that retailers must take into account so that the experience obtained in the store accompanies the shopper during their time away from it.

The contributions and potential of "smart retail" in the industry are innumerable, some examples of this strategy include:

1.- Experimental shopping in flagships: While companies wait for the metaverse to be definitively installed, physical stores have begun to introduce mirrors and fitting rooms with augmented reality. Similarly, e-commerce uses artificial intelligence to show how you would look in a garment, facilitating the purchase decision process.

2.- Delivery-bots: Autonomous delivery robots are the future. A study carried out by Allied Market Research states that this phenomenon will grow by 800% from 2021 to 2030. Several companies, such as Carrefour, have already gotten to work and the exponential growth in demand for express deliveries is cutting costs. their development times.

3.- Social commerce and super apps: Giants like WhatsApp, Tik Tok, Instagram, among others; they are already starting to promote their e-commerce platforms. What before was 'simply' a social network, now wants to become a platform on which to share your life, but also on which to make purchases.

In conclusion, technology is our present and our future at the same time. If you live in the retail industry and need technological solutions in your POS that help you increase productivity, improve shopper service and boost your sales, you should know about QuarztSales, visit our website and schedule your demo, you will be surprised about everything it can do for you.

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