Shopper marketing: what is it and what is its importance.

Shopper marketing: what is it and what is its importance.

Studying and understanding the variables that make a person choose a brand or product is the basis of traditional marketing. However, in an increasingly competitive market, it is necessary to start making a differentiation between who buys and who consumes the product; and above all, build differentiated strategies that allow offering personalized experiences to each one.

The concept of Shopper Marketing is born from an integrated and strategic approach to marketing that seeks to influence, through commercial actions, the shopper throughout his different processes during the purchase decision. The basis of this way of understanding marketing is the deep knowledge of people, their consumption habits, needs and aspirations.

In other words, it is a marketing specialty dedicated to studying and influencing the decisions of buyers in the place where the sale takes place, whether virtual or physical. Shopper marketing proposes an omnichannel vision of sales, that is, an integrated shopping experience in which the customer can buy online, from any device, or in a physical store. The visibility and integration of the online and offline world (Phygital) is key so that the shopper can have an uninterrupted shopping experience.

The work of shopper marketing can be segmented into four groups:

  1. Positioning. It encompasses everything related to the infrastructure of the store.
  2. Product. It covers all the distinctive characteristics of the product.
  3. Promotion. Includes all advertising actions.
  4. Price. Integrates prices, offers and discounts into the analysis.
  • Carry out market studies with the purpose of being aware of the different needs of consumers.
  • Review people's buying habits.
  • Analyze the behavior of people at the time of purchase.
  • Influence the determination of the possible buyer.
  • The representative of this area is responsible for designing the plan and formalizing the different strategies to stimulate purchase.
  • Involve all tactics.

Advantages of the shopper marketing

These are the most outstanding advantages of having a specialist in this field:

  • Brand sales multiply.
  • Increases the value of the brand in question and its representation outside the usual environment.
  • More efficient strategies are achieved by having more customer information.
  • Impulse sales are stimulated, too.
  • New consumers appear and public acceptance is broadened.
  • It improves communication and, therefore, customer service.
  • Contributes to the progress of the point of sale.

Basically, the shopper marketing is dedicated to analyzing how the entire purchase and post-purchase process is developed and the link established with the four shopper marketing profiles, which are:

  1. The consumer.
  2. The buyer.
  3. The influencer.
  4. The one who makes the decision.

One of the most important elements that distinguishes shopper marketing is that it examines the person at the moment of purchase and how he develops as a consumer. Consequently, the development of this kind of strategies helps companies to have a better understanding of what the consumer wants, so that they can better assimilate their will at the time of conversion to answer questions such as: what will be the Buyer's next steps after initial interest?

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