Retail Marketing: achieve customer loyalty with these 3 tips.

Retail Marketing: achieve customer loyalty with these 3 tips.
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Every retailer wants to get a loyal and recurring clientele in their market niche; however, this is only achieved through a loyalty strategy that perfectly considers the profile of the target audience and the purchase motivators.

Loyalty strategies play a fundamental role in getting recurring customers and guaranteeing your sales. While it is true that constantly attracting new customers to your POS is one of the main objectives of trade marketing, retaining the existing one is no less important. In this sense, today we want to give you 3 tips so that you can retain your customer portfolio... Keep reading!


It is very important to take into account that selling to a new customer is 6 times more expensive than selling to a current customer or what is the same: 20% of customers generate 80% of purchases. Therefore, establishing a loyalty strategy will help you achieve your business objectives, always keeping in mind that any loyalty strategy always brings results in the medium or long term; which makes many companies dismiss it.

Loyalty is often achieved by offering a correct shopping and post-sale experience. Keeping in touch through the different communication channels available and sending your customers valuable information is the best way to build their loyalty, however, here are 3 tips for you to achieve it successfully:

1.Prioritize building relationships with customers, instead of focusing on sales: Although it is true that the main objective of any retailer or business is sales, true profitability is achieved when customers are prioritized above all else, which in the same way is perceived by them, thus building the desired fidelity; which responds to long-term relationships and is reflected in purchase actions.

For this, the construction of a corporate culture focused on clients plays a main role, since these are not the exclusive responsibility of the sales area, rather it reflects the impact of each area in the sales process. In the end, it is about making it known that sales respond to a joint effort that allows customer satisfaction, offering a totally pleasant experience that is worth telling and sharing with others, managing to turn customers into ambassadors of our brand or POS.

2.Provide personalized attention: The management of a database or CRM allows offering personalized attention to customers. Calling customers by their name, offering discounts on products of their choice, plan to accumulate points for purchases made or promotional packs designed for specific niches; it will allow customers to feel glorified, in addition to feeling rewarded and with this the construction of brand loyalty will be successful.

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3.Constantly ask for suggestions and feedback: Even if we are experts or leaders in a category, sector or channel; We must not forget that customers always have advice and suggestions that can help us improve. For this reason, we must always be open to listen to the market; either through a suggestion box or through surveys that are applied on a recurring basis to the market niche to which you are targeting.

Measure results at all times

A fundamental part of any strategy is measurement. This should never be overlooked since it is the only way we have to know if what we are doing is bringing positive and truly effective results. To verify the impact of trade marketing strategies at the point of sale and obtain the ROI of each strategy to assess its impact, customer behavior data must be measured and KPIs extracted from the point of sale, remember that if you try to improve the number of visits to the store, as well as impulse sales and the average stay time, you run the risk of not knowing if the actions carried out have really had an effect or what has caused them that.

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