QuartzSales: the fundamental pillar of your trade marketing strategy.

QuartzSales: the fundamental pillar of your trade marketing strategy.

To achieve the perfect store, it is imperative to strengthen performance in retail execution, for this, it is necessary to manage the commercial process through software solutions that allow the automation of activities at the point of sale.

Some time ago, in our article "Importance of Automating Point of Sale Management" we told you about some important benefits that companies obtain by automating their processes; specifically, in regards to the retail industry. As we explained to you in that article, there are different software solutions that can help you automate the various segments that are part of both POS execution and your trade marketing strategies; However, more than a solution, they tend to become a problem because they are not capable of covering 100% of the processes, forcing you to manage them through different platforms and mechanisms that only result in loss of information (by not having centralized information ), low levels of productivity and losses.

In view of this problem and as a solution, QuartzSales was born; a platform designed and developed to cover 100% of your processes and more, allowing you to focus on the critical decisions of your business without worrying about execution in the store, collection, management and storage of data, control / monitoring of assets within the PDV and much more.

Today we want to dedicate our article of the week to show you a little more about QuartzSales to help you reach the perfect store through an innovative, truly complete and also customizable tool. Keep reading...


QuartzSales as a fundamental pillar of your trade marketing strategy:

To have a unified platform that is capable of storing and managing information in a centralized and private manner; that also automates your processes, provides you with information in real time, allows you to formally assign tasks and keep track of them, and that is even completely customizable, sounds like something impossible but it exists and, that application is QuartzSales.

QuartzSales has different modules designed to help you achieve and obtain your business objectives, some are;

  • Indicators. Here, we have made the best selection of sections that we know will provide you with the necessary information to help you make decisions inside and outside the point of sale. With QuartzSales you will get information about:
  1. On Share Availability.
  2. Degree of fulfillment of the sales objective.
  3. Days of remaining stock by product and in each POS, customer, etc.
  4. Percentage of products in the assortment that the POS sold.
  5. Incorporation of new products by customers / POS.
  6. Percentage of shelf that occupies own products vs. the total space available in the gondola.
  7. Reports about hours executed vs. planned hours.
  8. Degree of compliance with the prices vs. the suggested prices and the pricing policies defined in terms of the competition.
  • Information. In this section you will have access to all the information regarding:
  1. Support documentation.
  2. Blueprints.
  3. Status of your points of sale.
  4. Product spike.
  5. Virtual visits.

All this will provide you with detailed online information about the hierarchies of those responsible for each POS, merchandise assigned weekly, information on the number of monthly average boxes, theoretical merchandise vs merchandise assigned, hourly efficiency (planned vs executed), list of must-haves and much more.

  • Management. In this section, QuartzSales provides you with information and allows you to manage all kinds of activities related to your sales team and points of sale, some of which are:
  1. Schedule and routes.
  2. Incentives and training for your team.
  3. Listing, control and management of security elements provided and to be delivered to the sales team.
  4. Performance evaluations.
  5. Control of hours, time off and replacements.

And you can also have different useful sections such as notepad, smart tasks, field visits and more.

As you can see, QuartzSales places the point of sale in your hands and allows you to manage it from anywhere just by accessing the platform and, as it is customizable, you can choose the modules and features that really interest you or are convenient for you to get the most out of the app. . Remember that by scheduling a demo through our website you will be able to obtain even more information about everything that QuartzSales can do for you and your business.

Having accurate information in real time, managing your sales team and knowing the status of your assets without being at the POS is now possible!

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