Productivity, strategy and execution.

Productivity, strategy and execution.
The Argentine team positioned itself as the best in the world this 2022.

Three pillars that will lead you to success in any field, and of course within the retail industry.

This Sunday, December 18, the Argentine soccer team regained the title of champions by winning the world cup played in Qatar this 2022. The "albiceleste", during their time at the soccer world cup, demonstrated discipline and focus at all times, which led them to success. Today we will tell you what its pillars were and how applied to trade marketing you will be able to reach the perfect store and position yourself as the best in the world... keep reading.

The 3 pillars of success

1) Productivity. Increasing productivity means using all the tools that make your work much more efficient and fluid while integrating your work team in such a way that they work as one; a great machinery that works together, in favor of an established objective. In this way, the Argentine team got together and demonstrated that high-level football requires unity and joint effort.

Thus, in the same way it happens in trade marketing. Automation, for example, allows you to take your productivity to whole new levels by getting customer-facing tasks like returns processing, order updates, and customer service done in real time, quickly, with fewer errors, and with low cost demand.

Greater productivity is having a quick response to each challenge... and this is what Argentina demonstrated.

2) Strategy. If a company or (in the case of the Argentine national team) a team, wants to achieve success then the organization must be taken very seriously so that people can do their tasks in the best possible way and be effective, on this is based strategic management and a plan that represents an advantage over the competition.

It is evident that a thorough the study of the competition must be carried out, knowing their weaknesses and strengths and then making both play in our favor. This is the case both in soccer and in the retail industry, and if you want to guarantee the achievement of your goals, you should undoubtedly draw up a plan that includes these aspects and boost your response capacity in different scenarios.

Always remember that strategy defines what an organization is and intends to be, while defining what it is not willing to be or do.

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3) Execution. The execution of a strategy must follow a cycle that includes the phases of study and planning. During the planning phase, effective work practices and the tools to be used should be reviewed, so that the necessary resources for an optimal result can be secured.

It is obvious that the victory of the Argentine team responds to full compliance with these phases, as well as the execution of a meticulously drawn plan.

If you also want to be a champion and become number 1 in the retail industry, remember to follow these steps and include QuartzSales in your trade marketing strategy; is the key to increasing your productivity, strategic planning and execution.

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